I’m Hannah, welcome to the first post of my new blog! snowselfie

I’m a paleoherpetologist with an obvious love for those slimy little critters called salamanders. What’s a paleoherpetologist? That’s a scientist who studies fossil amphibians and reptiles. Don’t be surprised to see posts here about some of the wild new animals being discovered all the time!

I’m also a graduate student – taking a sort of transition year right now – most recently getting a Master’s degree in Geosciences from East Tennessee State University. Since then I had a summer internship in Beijing, China, and then moved to a city in the Great Plains. I’m originally from a suburb of Orlando… so the winter wind is still shocking!

One reason I wanted to start this blog was to discuss some of the science going on right now, and to practice writing about science for a broader audience. But I’m also interested in surviving life as a graduate student. That includes finding time to be a healthy functional human and doing your best with a stipend.

If you like what you see here, you can also find me on Twitter as @PaleoDarcy for more frequent updates.




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